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Dream Nine Studios, a Passinault.Com company - Passinault.Com


Dream Nine Studios is a revolutionary production company based out of Tampa, Florida. We produce what are destined to become the new standards in film, video games, and music. Our company is a motion picture production studio, a video game developer, and a music label; all three things work together to give us advanced production capabilities. We are a company of Passinault.Com, the Passinault Entertainment Group and Passinault Industries LLC; a network of companies dedicated to the advancement of art and entertainment. Dream Nine Studios is at the forefront of a revolution that will see the companies of the Passinault Entertainment Group become the next entertainment industry. We work with the other companies of Passinault.Com, and that teamwork further enhances our capabilities. Those capabilities will be made evident to you on this web site. Explore our site, and if you have any comments, we'd like to hear from you!

Dream Nine Studios was created and incorporated in the Summer of 1999. For the first few years, our site consisted of a single web page on the Passinault.Com web site, as the service companies of the Passinault Entertainment Group had priority while we developed our projects. The newest site, which you are now on, was designed in the Spring of 2005 and went online on Thursday, May 12, 2005. The design team at EOS MediaArts liked the design of the 2004 site so much, however, that they took it and built the new one using elements of the old site. This new site is geared more toward investors and partners rather than the talent community, as we are working on our production infrastructure and have the means in place to secure great talent as projects warrant. In a way, we've been reborn, and are looking forward to creating new industry standards as we create tomorrow's classics!


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